Transformation Resources

Using known methods to demonstrate how practices can continually improve. This section provides an overview of the Quality improvement method we have chosen to employ as well as resources for each of our initiatives.

View the SNE-PTN timeline: We are asking for roughly four hours of your time each year over the next two years.

View the SNE-PTN Activity Checklist: Learn how to login and complete SNE-PTN activities in the data portal. ​

Strategies for diverting patient flow directly to optometry offices as opposed to emergency departments.

Improving patient adherence to their yearly diabetic exams.

The TCPi community is moving forward with the Medication Management and Opioid Initiative and Pledge in response to the urgency of the U.S. opioid misuse epidemic.

Involving your patient in medical decisions and developing their care network.

Introduction to a methodology of change.

Centralized tool to gather information, track changes, establish trends and identify areas or opportunity.

Strategies and resources for increasing your practices visibility within your community.