TCPi Overview

TCPi is the Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative, which is funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The TCPi aim is to help 140,000 clinicians improve the way they deliver care by providing technical assistance support for quality and process improvement. With $685M in awards, it is one of the largest federal investments designed to support clinicians in all 50 states through peer-based learning networks.

TCPi goals are linked to three primary drivers: Patient and Family-Centered Care Design, Continuous Data-Driven Quality Improvement, and Sustainable Business Operations.

Designing care around the patient and family allows practices to match individual needs with evidenced-based treatments.

In order to be committed to quality improvement, practices must bring all systems and people together to drive change.

Practices have to build an efficient, successful infrastructure that supports goals, staff and patients.