TCPi Achievement Payments from SNE-PTN

February 11, 2019 - 11:00am EST

Practices currently enrolled in SNE-PTN will be eligible to receive achievement payments for completing activities that will prepare you for success in alternative payment models. SNE-PTN helps you build skills in the value-based payment world as you progress through the five phases of transformation. Payments are intended to be disbursed to practices as a small token for achievement of pre-identified goals.

These achievement payments are a priority for SNE-PTN, however our funds are limited.  Our enrolled practices will likely display their usual level of high achievement and we expect these funds to be fully spent prior to September 2019.  Since the payments will be disbursed after practice data submission, it is difficult to predict exactly when the funds will expire so we recommend you take advantage of every available early opportunity to submit your data and receive your achievement payment.

Payments will be disbursed in May 2019 and August 2019. The criteria and exact amount of payments may change depending on the availability of remaining funds and the overall amount of data submitted by practices. Achievement payment awards will be calculated from practice data submitted to SNE-PTN on a quarterly basis (PAT and measure data).

Payments will be made when practices report:

  • 3 consecutive quarters of one clinical or process measure
  • 3 consecutive quarters of a second clinical or process measure OR 3 consecutive months of ED Avoidance data
  • movement into phase 4 in the practice assessment tool
  • movement into phase 5 in the practice assessment tool

For additional questions, contact your SNE-PTN Quality Improvement Advisor or contact us below.