Practice Assessment Tool

You’ve completed the participation agreement, and are ready to progress into practice transformation. What exactly does that mean?  A Quality Improvement Advisor (QIA) will contact you to help to facilitate your practice’s transformation and participation in SNE-PTN.

During your initial assessment, the QIA will walk you through the Practice Assessment Tool (PAT), which addresses a variety of practice areas pertinent to transformation, gauges your practice’s progress in those areas, and guides the changes you decide to implement in your practice.

The PAT allows you to communicate to your QIA what the pain points are within your practice and identify areas for improvement. This first meeting between you and the QIA lays the foundation of what will be a collaborative relationship to help your practice achieve its transformation goals and prepare for the future. 

Practice Assessment Tools (PAT)

Practice Assessment Tool FAQ

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Specialty Practice Assessment Tool

Primary Care Practice Assessment Tool

For Vision Source Optometry PATs

Vision Source optometrists can now submit PAT information in the new data portal. 

As a new user, you need to set up an account. Click the “Register New User” button to get started.

You will need to enter the last five digits of your practice TIN and the five digit zip code of your practice location. The portal uses this 10 digit number as your unique identifier. You will also enter your name and preferred email, then you can create a user name and password of your choice.

Once you have registered, you can log in.

Download Vision Source Optometry Practice Assessment Tool

Data Portal User Manual