For Clinicians

As a clinician enrolled in SNE-PTN, you will likely have questions about the practice transformation process you have embarked upon. We have created this section to provide you with answers on a variety of topics related to the information you may be asked to share and the tasks you will be encouraged to complete.

Practice Assessment Tool (PAT)
This tool designed by CMS evaluates your practice and establishes a score based on five transformation phases. The initial results determine your practices areas of focus and follow-up assessments show your practice’s progress.  

This library of video tutorials, designed for both primary care and specialist clinicians, provide in-depth information about SNE-PTN and will help guide you as you complete the PAT.

Payment Reform
Health care reform is changing the way providers will be reimbursed for the care they provide by transitioning away from a fee-for-service model. Resources in this section explain various payment reform models and requirements as well as policy amendments that impact reimbursement.

Resources for Transformation
This section includes transformation-focused publications and links from health care entities that can be filtered by both provider and topic.